What is NativeFinance?

A complete Multi-Chain MetaFi Financial hub! No websites, No servers, No middlemen. Just you and your favorite blockchain - The Native Way!
Good to know: NativeFinance helps you make the most of your crypto in various ways:
Trade with Super-Swap best price, Auto limits, Earn with Native Farms and Power Pool!

Native Wallet

Good to know: Native wallet makes it easy to find your tokens, check details,
find social data, watch the chart and much more!
Completely free to use Multi-Chain ethereum based wallet!


Instantly swap crypto tokens: no registration or account needed.
Good to know: Native Super-Swap will use it's Super Power to guarantee you the
best price on your favorite blockchain!
When Best Price feature is on -
Super-Swap will check for you in all the big known swaps on the currently used blockchain
and fetch the Highest price for sell and Lowest price for buy!
All of this - effortless, using Super-Swap Super Power!

The Native Way

  • First Native Super-Swap in the Crytpo/MetaFi world!
  • No browsers
  • No websites
  • No separated wallets to connect
  • No third-party connection
  • No middlemen
  • Natively you, your native device and the blockchain network!


Trade directly from your wallet app. Unlike centralized exchanges, Native Super-Swap doesn’t hold your funds when you trade: you have 100% ownership of your own crypto.

Super Powers

  • Best-Price feature - Super-Swap will check for you in all the big known swaps on the currently used blockchain and fetch the Highest price for sell and Lowest price for buy!
  • Buy and Sell Limits - Auto sell and buy on your predefined price limits, using with Best-Price or with the wanted router.
  • More to come!


Earn NTF and other tokens for free with super high interest rates.

Earn tokens with Power Pools

Stake NTF, earn free tokens. It’s really that easy. NTF holders right now are earning lots of USD worth of free tokens each week from major projects. New projects join the party, so you can earn more, for even longer.

Earn NTF with Native Farms

Stake NTF-LP tokens, earn NTF. You take on a little more exposure to market fluctuations than with the Power Pools, but can earn higher APR to offset the risk.

Earn Trading Fees

No farm? No problem. Even if your trading pair isn’t supported on the Farms page, you can still earn trading fees when you stake your tokens in Native Liquidity Pools (NTF-LPs).
(≈12% - 30% more than the competitors)

Is NativeFinance safe?

  • Transparent:
    • We’re built on open-source software: our Smart Contracts are publicly visible for maximum transparency.
    • Our contracts are verified on BscScan so you know that what you see is what you get.
  • Security best practices:
    • The Chief Engineer uses the best security practices for all contracts.
    • Our contracts’ time-locks give you peace of mind.

NativeFinance Products

NTF Tokenomics

Learn the fundamentals NativeFinance eco system.
Good to know: Splitting your product into fundamental concepts, objects, or areas can be a great way to let readers deep dive into the concepts that matter most to them. Combine guides with this approach to 'fundamentals' and you're well on your way to great documentation!
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